Exercise your Brain with Aromas!

olfaction research Feb 06, 2024

Exercise Your Brain with Aromas - Updates!
In a recent blog we published, titled Exciting Things are Happening with Aromatherapy and Mental Cognition, we shared about the exciting new research presented in 2023, which concluded that smelling a variety of essential oils while sleeping dramatically improved memory by 266%.

The Update; Dr. Michael Leon, of the contributors to this research at The University of California at Irvinewas interviewed by Robert Tisserand, a leader in the aromatherapy field, to ask questions and to gain more clarity about the research released in 2023.

Olfactory Research is Gaining Traction
I think this renewed interest is partly because so many people lost their sense of smell during the COVID-19 Pandemic, or their sense of smell had changed for an extended period of time.

We also know that the loss of smell is a well-documented early indicator for neurological disease like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's,...

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New Research: Dramatically Improve Memory by Inhaling Aromatherapy

Exciting Things are Happening with Aromatherapy and Mental Cognition

 A new research study was published by the University of California at Irvine on July 24, 2023.  The researchers sought inexpensive home treatment that people struggling with declining cognition could use to increase their quality of life.  It was conducted with support from multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company Proctor & Gamble. 

Both men and women participated in the study, using seven different essential oils diffused into the air for two hours each night while they slept. 

The study concluded that there was a 226% improvement in cognitive and neural functioning and ultimately improved brain health. 

This unprecedented improvement was achieved with overnight olfactory enrichment. 


What is Olfactory Enrichment? 

When you inhale a pure essential oil, such as Quella essential oils, natural chemical constituents found in each essential activate...

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New Research: Nurse Stress Reduction with Aromatherapy

research Jan 02, 2020

New Research Study involving Jodi Baglien's Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches

"Impact of Essential Oils via Aromatherapy Patches on Nurses' Experience of Stress and Fatigue"

Patches Aren't Just for Patients!

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Marni Reven MSN, RN, RA, on her pilot initiative with the use of our Aromatherapy Patches at West Virginia University Cancer Institute.
Marni and her team chose to focus on the well being of the Nurses at the Infusion Center in this pilot project, with a future goal to bring Aromatherapy into patient care.

This study, though modest, provides evidence using quality practices and measures and fills the gap in the literature for high-quality aromatherapy research.

I also want to mention that Marni was one of many who presented their Posters at the 2019 Alliance of International Aromatherapist (AIA) Conference, and won the People's Choice Award for her outstanding work!

Below please find a quick recap of the study and links for more...

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