Exercise your Brain with Aromas!

olfaction research Feb 06, 2024

Exercise Your Brain with Aromas - Updates!
In a recent blog we published, titled Exciting Things are Happening with Aromatherapy and Mental Cognition, we shared about the exciting new research presented in 2023, which concluded that smelling a variety of essential oils while sleeping dramatically improved memory by 266%.

The Update; Dr. Michael Leon, of the contributors to this research at The University of California at Irvinewas interviewed by Robert Tisserand, a leader in the aromatherapy field, to ask questions and to gain more clarity about the research released in 2023.

Olfactory Research is Gaining Traction
I think this renewed interest is partly because so many people lost their sense of smell during the COVID-19 Pandemic, or their sense of smell had changed for an extended period of time.

We also know that the loss of smell is a well-documented early indicator for neurological disease like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's,...

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