Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy Solutions

Team up with a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist to start your aromatherapy program!

Easy implementation for healthcare teams
Our ready to use training programs are supported by advanced clinical knowledge and safety guidelines. This ensures your team has the skills and information needed to confidently offer aromatherapy to patients.

Proven Results
Our long-term care clients are improving their quality measures and resident's quality of life.  In hospitals across the US, patients love being offered a simple way to relax and reduce stress, ease nausea, and help manage pain. We highly recommend reading research with clinical aromatherapy.

Our innovative Quella Essential Oil products are a trusted resource for prestigious hospitals and healthcare communities across the US.


Research in Clinical Aromatherapy

Nurse-led intervention to quantify pain, anxiety, and nausea. Read more research!


  • 32% decrease in pain.
  • 47% decrease in anxiety.
  • 50% decrease in nausea.

Aromatherapy Patch Training Program

Our aromatherapy patch program is the leading choice of hospitals, same day surgery and oncology centers, where one simple delivery method helps manage symptoms and improve patient experience.

Your patients will appreciate being offered a natural self care tool that delivers comfort during difficult times.

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Core Training Program

Meeting the need to offer non-pharm options in long term care communities.

A comprehensive training program teaching the methodology and skills needed to improve quality measures and improves the well being of both residents and your team.

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Consulting Services

When you need expert advice by an experienced Aromatherapist.

For Personal Use

  • Helping you make informed choices, get clear instruction and follow- up support
  • Holistic, safe care for your loved ones - from children to elders

For Professionals in Healthcare

  • Helping with program start up
  • Updating existing programs for better outcomes and improved safety
  • Providing aromatherapy solutions for difficult cases

Clinical Research & Results

Exploring the use of Aromatherapy in Clinical Settings

"Our Quality Measure number for anti-psychotic medication use in 2016 was 87%. Our number in 2017 was down to 36% after implementing the Aromatherapy Core Program with Jodi. Awesome! "

Alicia, RN, CCP, RAC-CT VA Home

"We recently had an extremely anxious patient come through our doors and she was absolutely delighted when she was offered the aromatherapy patches. She stated it really helped her maintain control over her anxiety when our RN’s were placing her IV in the pre-operative area."

Christine C. RN, BSN, Manager of Peri-Operative Services

"I wanted to reach out with our results after implementing our Aromatherapy Patch Program in our Mental Health Hospital. The results have been even better than I expected, and I had high expectations! Our results show a decrease in patient self-reported symptoms of 50.02%"

Malinda, Phoenix AZ

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