Bringing Aromatherapy
into Healthcare!

We deliver safe and effective Aromatherapy Programs and trusted products to Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities across the US.

We partner with you and your family to ensure that you receive safe, personalized & practical information for home use of essential oils.

Patch Training

One Simple Method - Patches!

Nurses agree, Patches are the simplest way to deliver essential oils to support pain management, reduce stress, and ease nausea.

Online Staff Training

You'll have 24/7 unlimited access to our informative online training program.

Expert Consulting

Work with Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Jodi Baglien to deliver a safe program with results!

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Core Program

Improve Quality Measures;

Meeting the need to provide effective non-drug options

Smooth Implementation;

Expert consulting & a comprehensive program guides you each step of the way.

A True Holistic Program;

From patient care to staff wellness - a healthy mind, body, & spirit of all involved is our goal

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Research & Patient Satisfaction

Read about Research & Patient Satisfaction in the field of Clinical Aromatherapy.

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