New Research: Dramatically Improve Memory by Inhaling Aromatherapy

Exciting Things are Happening with Aromatherapy and Mental Cognition

 A new research study was published by the University of California at Irvine on July 24, 2023.  The researchers sought inexpensive home treatment that people struggling with declining cognition could use to increase their quality of life.  It was conducted with support from multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company Proctor & Gamble. 

Both men and women participated in the study, using seven different essential oils diffused into the air for two hours each night while they slept. 

The study concluded that there was a 226% improvement in cognitive and neural functioning and ultimately improved brain health. 

This unprecedented improvement was achieved with overnight olfactory enrichment. 


What is Olfactory Enrichment? 

When you inhale a pure essential oil, such as Quella essential oils, natural chemical constituents found in each essential activate your olfactory system and we respond in many ways, like triggering the release of hormones that regulate our emotions. Pure essential oils contain natural chemical constituents that provide a wide variety of therapeutic actions. 

Certified Aromatherapists have known for decades the wide range of benefits of essential oils.  From calming to stimulating and antibacterial to anti-inflammatory, essential oils support your body in all its functions.  Unsurprisingly, research would now show what centuries of humanity have known all along. 

The Experiment:

The essential oils chosen for the experiment at UC Irvine were rose, orange, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender.  Participants were exposed to a different essential oil each night for two hours while sleeping. 

The researchers found that the essential oils chosen for the study did not interfere with the participant’s sleep cycle. However, Certified Aromatherapists traditionally select some of the oils for their stimulating effects.

As with most aromatic research, the study's authors failed to include the variety of each plant and the purchasing source for the essential oils chosen for use in the study.  It is impossible to know whether the aromas were authentic, unadulterated, essential oils, or fragrance oils.  By omitting this information, outside sources cannot verify the study itself.  Whenever something like this occurs in a research project, it should raise questions for the reader.  Without this information, the study cannot be replicated. 

According to “Reproducibility and Replicability in Science,” a book published by the National Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health (NIH), “Replication is one of the key ways scientists build confidence in the scientific merit of results.  When the result from one study is consistent with another, it is more likely to represent a reliable claim to new knowledge.”

The claim made by the UC Irvine researchers that cognitive and neural functioning was increased by 226% is questionable.  This research cannot be validated because of crucial missing information.  However, most media and laypersons will take this research at face value and begin using whatever products are created that are proven by this research to achieve the stated goals.


What We Know at Quella

The Chief Certified Aromatherapist at Quella has formulated our proprietary blends for over three decades.  We have had years of clinical use showing the benefits of all of our patches, including the Lucid Mind Aromatherapy Patch. 

The Quella Lucid Mind Patch combines five different essential oils to create a clear, fresh, and herbaceous scent that supports cognitive and neural function: Rosemary (R. officinalis), Bergamot (C. bergamia), Lemon (C. limon), Coriander (C. sativum), and Peppermint (M. piperita).  Rosemary, coriander, and peppermint stimulate key memory centers in the brain.  It helps enhance mental cognition, fatigue, post-operative grogginess, and respiratory congestion. 

Though the researchers used single essential oils in their experiment, Certified Aromatherapists understand the importance of blending essential oils to ensure their clients do not scent print an experience with one single scent.


Why This Research Now?

 According to the American Society of Aging, the cost of caring for people with Alzheimer’s dementia was $ 321 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach nearly $ 1 trillion by 2050.  This financial projection has triggered billions of dollars donated to recent research like this research project at UC Irvine.  Many companies are showing up as research backers to support their product development, which they will release in the coming months.

The Quella Patch has been used in clinical settings since 2015.  We know that essential oils are beneficial for a variety of clinical uses.  Our research is conducted at the bedside of post-operative patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy, new mothers, and more. Patients enjoy using the Quella patch and have sought their continued use after exposure in the clinical setting. 

Patients and caregivers have found that using the Quella patch is a simple way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils and breathe in moments of peace.

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