Positive Ways to Focus on Health!

aromatherapy self-care Dec 03, 2020


I don't know about you, but when I'm extremely stressed, busy, or sick - I am rarely in the frame of mind to recall and use my skills and tools for self-care and regaining my health. Maybe it's the brain fog from a stuffy head or lack of sleep!
But remembering what you could do and having the energy to do it is a challenge even when we feel well! Self care truly is a skill that needs regular practice to cultivate as a natural habit.
These days we are inundated with heavy, triggering, and disheartening information - have you heard of the new term added to Meriam-Webster called doom scrolling? (You might want to look it up...) and its impact on emotions and mental health is astonishing. All this and more keeps our attention on the problem and our nervous systems in high gear also known as fight or flight.

So Let's Talk About Building Resilience, Self-Care, and Finding Time for Joy!

There is a universal principle that applies here: "energy flows where our...

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Roman Chamomile - The Mac and Cheese of Essential Oils

aromatherapy Apr 05, 2019

When I think of Roman Chamomile and the gifts this gentle giant of essential oils can deliver, it's like Mac and Cheese to me. 

My sensory perceptions and practitioner experiences with Roman Chamomile sum it up like this. It delivers comfort like the way a yummy home cooked meal and a snuggly blanket makes you feel.

Roman Chamomile is soothing to the soul, and allows a sunnier disposition to emerge!

Let me show you a few of its therapeutic actions and uses for the body, and it's gifts with moods and emotions, and nurturing the soul.

The Basics

First, we must identify the specific plant by its botanical name – Chamaemelum nobile, it may also be identified using its botanical synonym Anthemis nobilis. Derived from the Greek word Chamaimelon, Chamai meaning on the ground,  and melon, meaning apple. The flower looks similar to a daisy and has a fern-like leaves. This chamomile is primarily is native to western Europe and now primarily grown in England,...

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How do you Smell?

aromatherapy Jan 15, 2018

Do you ever stop to think about the impact smells have on you during the day?  Want to play with me for a minute?

Imagine you are smelling - puppy breath.

How about Crayons?

What changed in your mood? Did a smile sneak up on you? What images came up in your mind? Where did you go? How do you feel now?

If you have ever pondered the question - how can smelling essential oils shift my mood or state of mind?  Read on. It' a great question to be able to answer, especially if you are caring for others with essential oils.

Here's a quick primer on our olfactory system, that I hope you find helpful!

Let's consider this scenario. You are fast asleep and suddenly awakened by the smell of smoke.

In this instant. . .

  • The aroma molecules move past the receptor sites in your nose. 
  • The olfactory nerves send a message to your limbic system.

  • Your limbic system analyses its stored "aroma-print" for smoke

  • This print most likely says: Smoke = fire = danger = send adrenaline! ...

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