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aromatherapy self-care Dec 03, 2020


I don't know about you, but when I'm extremely stressed, busy, or sick - I am rarely in the frame of mind to recall and use my skills and tools for self-care and regaining my health. Maybe it's the brain fog from a stuffy head or lack of sleep!
But remembering what you could do and having the energy to do it is a challenge even when we feel well! Self care truly is a skill that needs regular practice to cultivate as a natural habit.
These days we are inundated with heavy, triggering, and disheartening information - have you heard of the new term added to Meriam-Webster called doom scrolling? (You might want to look it up...) and its impact on emotions and mental health is astonishing. All this and more keeps our attention on the problem and our nervous systems in high gear also known as fight or flight.

So Let's Talk About Building Resilience, Self-Care, and Finding Time for Joy!

There is a universal principle that applies here: "energy flows where our attention goes." I am suggesting we shift more of our attention to what we can do to stay healthy. 

If you do not have anyone in your "bubble," or in your media stream reminding you of natural health principles, then please read on and let me be that person for you.

Let's start with a quick review of our immune system from my aromatherapy certification courses and then some tips you can put into practice right now.


About Your Clever Immune System

Most of us are blessed at birth with a highly sophisticated and adaptive immune system. One of our immune system's functions is to provide defensive actions to the millions of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria that exist in and around us before they can cause illness. This is why we do not succumb to the constant onslaught of the germs we are exposed to each day.

Rather, this daily exposure to a wide variety of germs strengthens and teaches our immune system which germs to fight. This is called our "adaptive" immune system. For example, this is how babies' immune systems grow to be strong!


When do we Typically Get sick? 

Ever notice how often you find yourself sick after prolonged periods of poor lifestyle choices and/or high-stress times? If you are living primarily on processed foods, sugar, alcohol, plus lacking fun & social interaction, exercise, sunshine, and fresh air, all while doom scrolling the internet - this weakens us. Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The result leaves us with more “garbage” than our hard-working body waste systems (lymphatic, liver, kidney, lung, and skin) can eliminate. These remaining toxic wastes will eventually build up in our tissues, which then become exhausted, weakened, and creates an unhealthy internal terrain.


What Happens After We Recover from an Illness? 

In the average healthy person, our immune systems take note of the organism. We build immunity, we get stronger and we adapt. 

It is a weakened internal terrain that sets up opportunities for the acute (colds & flu) and degenerative diseases to take hold. 

Doing Our Part to be as Healthy as Possible

We can all help by doing our part in developing healthy boundaries and strategies for ourselves and our loved ones. Let's look at a few key points to remember as we navigate staying healthy in these next few months.

Remember Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory?

Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895) was a French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist widely known for his discoveries that helped advance the areas of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization processes.  Thru his work and medical discoveries, he is also known as the father of the germ theory.

Pasteur's germ theory states that diseases are caused by germs and microscopic organisms. Prevention and health directives are to keep these germs from entering our bodies.

Have you ever heard of Antoine Bechamp's Terrain Theory?  Probably not, as his name and research findings along with the germ theory controversy have mostly been omitted from history, medical and biological books, even encyclopedias.

Bechamp’s terrain theory challenged Pasteur’s germ theory by claiming that our inner environment – our "terrain"  - is everything to our overall health.

Pasteur Recanted upon his Deathbed Saying:  "the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything".  

My intent is not to educate you on their theories, but rather to point out an important aspect of overall wellbeing that guides natural health practitioners of all types. 

The truth is that our body's terrain, meaning the health of our cells, tissues, and all our systems, along with the state of our mind and emotions, requires our attention and actions to help our immune systems function well and fight germs. That the presence of germs alone does not have to result in the presence of disease.

Our health is our responsibility to maintain and protect. And there is so much you can do! First, the basics...which area could you improve?

  • Drink pure filtered or spring water, non-fluoridated if possible
  • Stop tobacco use, minimize or stop alcohol use
  • Take movement breaks, even 5 minutes at a time throughout the day
  • Keep regular hours, stay away from "blue light" right before bed
  • Cook! With natural simple ingredients!
  • Have some fun, dance, explore new ideas, find out what you are passionate about
  • Practice gratitude and service to others
  • Make time for meditation or quiet space. Touch in with how you are FEELING.
  • Practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi - Gong. Their focus is on moving the flow of qi - energy and building energy rather than expending energy.
  • Stock up on quality Vitamin C, D, and Zinc, elderberry, and herbal tonics to support wellness. Have options on hand if you are feeling something coming on.
  • Limit your exposure to daily news and social media.


And, finally, breathe!  I say this all the time, one of the most essential, free, and simple ways to improve our overall physical and mental health is to learn and practice proper breathing.  Not sure how? Seek out a yoga teacher (specifically pranayama) or YouTube videos, or books, and explore this powerful practice for relaxation and improved health.

Essential Oils Impact our Mood, Thoughts, and Emotions

Essential oils interact with the nervous system via our olfactory system, triggering that bio-chemical switch from fight or flight to rest and digest. These chemical messengers released from our limbic system nudge our bodies towards balance. Light refreshing citrus lift moods or stimulating eucalyptus to strengthen and clear mental or physical congestion for example.

Adding a well-curated stock of essential oils to your tool kit can help with long-term stress, anxiety, agitation, and keep you stronger simply thru our sense of smell.

Natural aromas also help connect people to nature when they may feel disconnected from the outside world. For example, providing bright and refreshing essential oils to those in long term care or others that are isolated is very helpful right now to bring a smile, help people relax.

This speaks to the way aromatherapy can foster connections and mindfulness in healthcare settings and for those isolated at home.

For professional use, it can also be a self-care tool to empower your patients. So many times, nurses have told me their patients appreciated my aromatherapy patches because it’s one thing they could do for themselves, instead of having something done to them.

How to Enhance Aromatherapy Use for Self-Care:

  • Mindfully focus on your breathing with the oil. For example, get quiet and centered, make your belly rise on the inhale, exhaling slowly, releasing stress and worries.

  • Be present and notice what thoughts or feelings arise while you enjoy the aroma and the deep breathing. Often what comes up is ready for your awareness to either deal with it or let it go!

  • Next, fill yourself up with bright shiny sparkling aromatic bliss. Feed those cells with new healthy energy! 

  • Visualize something that makes you happy and smile - imagination, it is powerful and so is smiling!

In closing, I truly hope I've inspired you to do just. one. more. thing. to take care of yourself today. Start new daily rituals towards a happier and healthier you.

We’ve made the use of essential oils simpler for you by offering ready to use products like our Aromatherapy Patches, Roll-on Essential Oils diluted to safe levels for your skin, and our popular new refreshing Face Mask Sprays.

Do it for yourself and your own health!

Remember, energy flows to where your attention goes.

Next blog, in part 2 we will answer the most common questions like  "do essential oils help strengthen our immune systems?  And "which essentials would I choose and how would I use them?

Until then, keep your attention on healthy!






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