Aromatherapy Patch Training

Everything you need to implement Aromatherapy Patches in your facility.

Offer Relief - Naturally!

A proven method to provide person-centered care. Improve patient satisfaction, support pain management, alleviate stress, improve rest, and ease nausea.

The Top Choice for Busy Healthcare Professionals

Utilized by hospitals, oncology centers, MRI centers, hospices, dental offices, mental health, and nursing homes who are leading the way to provide non-pharmaceutical options.

Symptom Relief that Works

Our simple and easy-to-use Aromatherapy Patches are proven to deliver consistent, therapeutic benefits. 

End the Uncertainty!

There is a tremendous amount of confusing & conflicting information out there - that is because it's aimed at the general public. There is a large gap between what a Professional Aromatherapy Program will provide compared to the sales-based general population uses.

Here's a Professional Aromatherapist's insider view of common Aromatherapy hang-ups in healthcare:

  • Lavender delivered on a cotton ball is a nice start, but not the professional approach you're seeking
  • Someone on staff "knows a little about essential oils" and they are directing your oil choices and methodology
  • The staff have uncertainty of basic safety guidelines & best practices to feel confident about offering the oils to patients
  • Patients are starting to ask what options to medications you provide

Looking at the Big Picture

So what does it really takes to start a quality aromatherapy program and deliver it within the best practices of Clinical Aromatherapy?

Let’s assume you have been tasked or taken it upon yourself to find an aromatherapy program to meet the demand to provide “non-drug” options for symptom relief.

You may have questions like:
  • What are the safety guidelines?
  • Which oils will support our therapeutic goals?
  • Single oils or blends?
  • How much is enough/too much?
  • How do we educate staff?

You or someone on your team might know a decent amount about clinical aromatherapy, but don’t have time to write policy, create staff and patient education materials, train staff, source and prepare oils for use, and pass inspections.

This is why I offer expert advice, clear answers, and credible resources/research from a clinical perspective.

Whew! Time to breathe in some Mandarin essential oil and relax!

Let me help you be the integrative therapies hero!

You are not alone

I have helped walk both large and small medical systems through this process. Whether you are an oncology center, a large hospital system, dental office, mental health, hospice, MRI centers, small clinics, etc...the goals are similar, but how you get there is unique to your site.

As a pioneer in Aromatherapy, I have been on the front lines of bringing aromatherapy into Healthcare since 2010. I know what it takes to deliver a safe and cost-effective program, with proven and sustainable results.

You need to provide options to medications, and I am here to help you find your answers!

Aromatherapy Patch Training

Expert Consulting + Online Staff Education + One Simple Delivery Method

The Power of the Patch

  • Patented sustained release technology - lasts up to 8 hours
  • Inhalation only - no dermal contact
  • No overwhelming aroma for others
  • Individually packaged for single-serve use  
  • 100% pure essential oils grown and distilled for therapeutic use
  • Professionally formulated blends for optimal  outcomes, without creating negative scent associations as with single oils.
  • More info on Patches

The Aromatherapy Patch Training Includes:

Our first step is a scheduled working session to guide your team through the internal decisions you need to make regarding process and procedures. We also provide a sample policy, and patient education materials.

Once your internal decisions are made, you are ready for staff education. You'll have 24/7 online access to our learning management system, and printed guides for quick reference. 

Includes 200 patches of any mix, based on your therapeutic goals and a sample bottle of each oil selected for testers. All SDS sheets are also provided. 

Plus, there's free shipping on your initial order!


Note: If you are Tax Exempt, please contact our office before purchasing.


What Our Clients Are Saying...

"We use Jodi's patches at all our hospitals! There has been an incredible response in symptom relief for pain, anxiety, and nausea." -Julie S. RN, BSN, Clinical Aromatherapist

“Our VA survey process just finished, and I have to tell you they LOVED our program. They LOVE the aromatherapy patch the most. They said they were impressed by the “dignity” it offered to our veterans, rather than seeing "taped on cotton balls" they've seen at other sites.” -Alycia, B. RN, CCP, AC-CT, North Dakota VA Home

"I work at a hospital where we use Jodi's patches - they are amazing and our patients love them! They have helped a ton on the floor (I work, medical/surgical). They work wonders!!" -Mel V. RN

“A week ago I had surgery and was offered an aromatherapy patch prior to surgery. Anyone facing surgery naturally has some degree of stress and apprehension! Thank you so much for making my pre-op experience less stressful.” -Sandy B. White Bear Lake, MN

"I wanted to reach out with our results after implementing our Aromatherapy Patch Program in our Mental Health Hospital. The results have been even better than I expected, and I had high expectations! Here are our results: A decrease in patient self-reported symptoms of 50.02%. -Malinda, Valley Hospital Phoenix, AZ 

Have more questions?

Book a call directly with Jodi to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a welcome email with clear step-by-step instructions for scheduling your consultation and how to access the online learning system. 

After our consultation, I'll have the information needed to ship your digital and physical products the next day. We'll also determine which patch types and quantities meet your goals.

Your site will be given a unique user link. Each person will create their own username and password to access the training. There's 24/7 access within the facility named on our agreement. There is no expiration date.
You have unlimited use of the online materials for any staff member employed by your facility. 

The total training time is one hour. There are three, 20-minute sections. A short quiz is provided at the end and a confirmation of completion for each user.

None other than resupplying the patches and or sample bottles for smell testing. Patches cost $1.65 each when purchased in quantity of 150 or more.

You may find you need additional aromatherapy methods or products or further consulting for special populations like hospice, mental health, oncology, memory care, or birth centers. Know that we are just an email away for support.

We stay abreast of this ever-changing climate, and you will have the latest information! All updates are included.

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