Aromatherapy Patch Training

Everything you need to offer Aromatherapy to your patients!

One Simple Method  +  Online Staff Training  +  Expert Consulting


One Simple Method - Patches!

Nurses agree, Patches are the simplest way to deliver essential oils to support pain management, reduce stress, and ease nausea.

Online Staff Training

You'll have 24/7 unlimited access to our informative online training program.

Expert Consulting

Work with Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Jodi Baglien to deliver a safe program with results!

One Simple Delivery Method!

Delivering essential oils in a healthcare setting doesn't have to be complex!

  • Essential oils dripped onto cotton balls lacks dignity and evaporates quickly, unlike our patch's unique patented delivery system that lasts up to 8 hours!
  • Aroma Sticks / Inhalers get lost, drop on the floor, or cannot be used independently - patches are simply applied to the upper chest area using FDA approved medical adhesive.
  • Single use, pre-measured dose of essential oils means: no open bottles, no waste, no guessing, no overwhelming aroma for others

Looking at the Big Picture

The demand for non-drug and integrative options in healthcare is growing steadily - What sets our products and services apart?

  • Used across the US in Hospitals, Out Patient Surgery, Oncology Centers, Hospice, Birth Centers, TCU, Mental Health settings
  • Proven to improve patient satisfaction
  • Step-by-step training program, policy and support materials, created by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

About Jodi

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Holistic Practitioner, and Educator with 20 years experience, Jodi provides a unique mix of science based research, with hands on practical knowledge. She is a recognized wellness authority dedicated to personalized consulting and wholehearted staff education.

We are honored to work with  thought leaders who are bringing integrative therapies into healthcare!

"We use Jodi's patches at all our hospitals! There has been an incredible response in symptom relief for pain, anxiety, and nausea." - Julie S. RN, BSN, Clinical Aromatherapist, Magnet Recognized Hospital System

Our Aromatherapy Patches are:

  • Made with professionally formulated blends, delivering optimal outcomes!
  • Blends are less likely to create future "negative scent associations" over single oil patches
  • Inhalation only - no dermal contact
  • 100% pure, lab tested, essential oils
  • No overwhelming aroma for others
  • Does not interfere with medication
  • Single use, lasting 8 hours
  • More info on Patches

For more information watch our Free Video Series:

Simple, Safe, and Effective Aromatherapy in Healthcare

Receive information directly to you inbox, we make starting Aromatherapy programs easy!
In this video series, you will . . .

  • Learn more about the Aromatherapy Inhalation Patch
  • Discover the one common essential oil mistake to avoid 
  • Review research & results you can use

Aromatherapy Patch Training Package Includes...

Personalized Consulting

Because every situation is unique - We provide personalized consulting for: approval process, policy development, and seamless program implementation to ensure a successful program!

Staff Education

You'll have 24/7, unlimited online access to our digital classroom. Modules include Aromatherapy concepts, patch uses & benefits, process and procedure, safety guidelines, and pro-tips for success! This concise program can be applied to group learning, or for the individual learner. Complete with quiz and certificate of completion.

Support Materials

Everything you need to get started - SDS Sheets, patient education materials, and printed staff education guides. Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches are sold separately.

Your Next Step?

For more information, general inquires or you are ready to get started with a program - click below!


Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a free discovery call with Jodi to answer your start up questions.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"We use Jodi's patches at all our hospitals! There has been an incredible response in symptom relief for pain, anxiety, and nausea." -Julie S. RN, BSN, Allina Health Systems

“Our VA survey process just finished, and I have to tell you they LOVED our program. They LOVE the aromatherapy patch the most. They said they were impressed by the “dignity” it offered to our veterans, rather than seeing "taped on cotton balls" they've seen at other sites.” -Alycia, B. RN, CCP, AC-CT, North Dakota VA Home

"We recently had an extremely anxious patient come through our doors and she was absolutely delighted when she was offered the aromatherapy patches.  She stated it really helped her maintain control over her anxiety when our RN’s were placing her IV in the pre-operative area". Christine C. RN, BSN, Manager of Peri-Operative Services in MA

"I work at a hospital where we use Jodi's patches - they are amazing and our patients love them! They have helped a ton on the floor (I work, medical/surgical). They work wonders!!" -Mel V. RN

“A week ago I had surgery and was offered an aromatherapy patch prior to surgery. Anyone facing surgery naturally has some degree of stress and apprehension! Thank you so much for making my pre-op experience less stressful.” -Sandy B. White Bear Lake, MN

"I wanted to reach out with our results after implementing our Aromatherapy Patch Program in our Mental Health Hospital. The results have been even better than I expected, and I had high expectations! Here are our results: A decrease in patient self-reported symptoms of 50.02%. -Malinda, Phoenix, AZ 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a welcome email with clear step-by-step instructions for scheduling your consultation and how to access the online learning system. 

During our consultation time, we will help you determine the right patches to meet your goal and help you with your first order.


Your site will be given a unique user link. Each person will create their own username and password to access the training.
You have unlimited use of the online materials for any staff member employed by your facility. 

The total training time is one hour, delivered in three, 20-minute sections. We cover all 9 patch types in the training - sites using only a few types of patches, will need less time.

None other than resupplying the patches and or sample bottles for smell testing.

Patch pricing is available on our website and is based on quantity ordered.

You may find you need additional aromatherapy training or consulting for uses with special populations like hospice, mental health, oncology, memory care, or birth centers.
Consultations can be scheduled with Jodi from our website.

I have built long-term relationships with suppliers who source essential oils for therapeutic, clinical aromatherapy needs.

The GC/MS reports are available for you upon request.

I only select essential oils that are chemically, aromatically and energetically aligned with my work. 

Our blends are formulated by me, and time tested for excellent results.


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