Aromatherapy Core Program

The professional approach to bring essential oil therapies into healthcare


Be a Part of Culture Change

There is a growing community of skilled nursing facilities who are effectively using alternative approaches for person-centered care.

Smooth Implementation

We make it easy to implement with our proven system and expert consulting to guide you each step of the way.

A True Holistic Program

Our Aromatherapy Core Program addresses patient care as well as staff wellness. A healthy mind, body, and spirit of all involved is our goal.

Be Certain

At this point, you’ve probably heard about the amazing results that essential oils are providing on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ve even tried to DIY something on a small scale to “test the waters.” There is a tremendous amount of confusing and conflicting information out there - most of it's aimed at the general public. There is a large gap between what a Professional Aromatherapy Program will provide compared to the “sales” based general population uses of essential oils. 

Here's a Professional Aromatherapists insider view of what's currently happening with a DIY approach in Healthcare settings:

  • Staff uncertainty as to which oils to select based on symptoms, or how they interact with patient's health conditions or medications 
  • Staff or residents complaining about overwhelming aroma
  • Someone on staff "knows a little about essential oils" and they are directing your oil choices and methodology
  • The person who knew about Aromatherapy has left, and so did the information, commitment, and experience
  • You have tried using lavender in various ways, but now it's time to step it up and experience better outcomes.
  • The "aromatherapy stuff" goes into the closet when Survey comes!

There is a better way!

Rest assured that we have research and direct site feedback to show that essential oils are proven to be a safe and effective choice.

There is an exciting movement in this direction. Join other thought leaders who are offering aromatherapy as an integrative option.

You and the people that you care about deserve more.

"A Resident in the month of July used Tramadol (oral pain medication) a total of 13 times from the 1st through 10th. We started her on your Comfort Massage oil at HS on the 10th. Since then she has utilized Tramadol 6 times in 10 days! Over a 50% reduction in the usage of pain medication. Comfort Massage Oil works!" From Wishek Living Center

Utilize My Experience

This is my passion

I’ve made aromatherapy in healthcare my primary focus. It’s my mission to inspire and teach you how to offer essential oil therapies to naturally relieve symptoms! 

Because it works! 

When I receive program feedback and hear about the results they've gives me the chills! In these real-life scenarios, people are experiencing improved sleep, pain management, anxiety relief, and general overall enhanced well-being.

As an Aromatherapy Pioneer, I've helped implement essential oil therapies in a variety of healthcare arenas.

I know what it takes to get staff buy-in. I know exactly the information required to make sure that everyone on the floor, from the Director of Nursing to the CNA, has the information they need to achieve the results they desire.


It's Time

If you're looking for better outcomes, it's time to incorporate Aromatherapy!

The Aromatherapy Core Program includes:

We guide your team through the internal decisions, policy, and procedures. This takes ALL the guesswork right out of the equation!

Once your internal decisions are made, you are ready for staff education. You'll have 24/7 online access to our learning management system, two tiered training for lead staff and support staff, includes PDF guides for quick reference. 

Putting the training program into practice. We stick with you as you implement the program. Security to ensure you’ll reap the maximum benefits for your residents.

Plus! We provide a 10% discount on most of our essential oil products to both the facility and offer this same discount to your staff. 

*BONUSES* - When our caregivers are healthy and balanced, everyone benefits.

Staff Wellness Class - This module is dedicated to the health and well-being of you and your team! In this module you'll learn how to benefit from essential oils throughout your day to manage stress.  We even include a "Staff Only" kit of essential oils and supplies! 

Support Staff Snapshot - A shorter version of the program to easily and quickly train the team on the floor with "need to know" only information to get them up to speed fast!


What Our Clients Are Saying...

"We were triggering much too high in the area of psychotropic medications, we were triggering at 34%. We were advised to look at alternative programs for our facility. After Jodi's Aromatherapy program our percentage is now at 10.2% which is amazing!" - Cindy G. - Wishek Living Center

"We rated our overall stress level at our home a 10! Now, after bringing Jodi's Core Aromatherapy Program into our home, we all agree it's 3!" - Marilyn C. Thorn Crest Senior Living Community

"I just have to tell you, the VA survey process is just finishing up here today and they LOVE the aromatherapy program. I also wanted to give you our Quality measure number of antipsychotic medication use. In January of 2016, it was 87%, our number in June of 2017 was down to 36%! Awesome!". - Alicia, RN, CCP, RAC-CT  Veterans Home

Here's Your Next Step!

Gather your lead team and book a call directly with Jodi to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We step you through the internal decisions and help you gain the approvals you need. We define your process and procedures before we begin the Staff Education phase. You'll be ready to implement after training, have your policy, clearly defined goals, how to measure outcomes, and much more.

Either by phone, or at times we may use Zoom, an online video conference channel for our consultations. Once you sign up, you'll receive a link to schedule your consulting time, at a time that's convenient for you and your team. Simple as that. 

We are proud to offer our new state-of-the-art online learning platform. We've put an incredible amount of attention to detail into creating the program in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

You will have online, on-demand access to the entire 8+ -hour training program for your facility. All lessons are recorded with audio, we include practical videos on care planning, and interactive learning exercises that will prepare your staff to deliver essential oils with confidence.

Your facility has unlimited access to the training materials so that you can train new staff members as they come onboard.

If you are interested in live on-site training from Jodi, please inquire for additional details and fees.

First, we have developed this training to meet a variety of educational needs including Nursing, Hospice, Therapeutic Rec, Activities, Mental Health, and Memory Care.
The Core Program offers two levels of training. The entire program is designed for the lead staff to have a comprehensive training experience.

We also provide a "Support Staff Snapshot" a 2 hour training, covering the "need to know" only info.

We are confident that both programs provide your team the information and skills they need to ensure that your facility reaps the maximum benefits.

In order to provide the most accurate information about the quality of the essential oils we use in our healthcare programs, I source and formulate my own own line of essential oils, and have for almost 20 years. They are time tested!

I have built long-term relationships with my suppliers who provide oils for therapeutic, clinical aromatherapy needs. The GC/MS reports are available for you upon request.

I use oils that are energetically, aromatically, and chemically aligned with my work.


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