2019 AIA Conference

event Oct 14, 2019

Hello Aroma Friends,

I am just back from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists held here in Minneapolis this year. It was an honor to be a speaker, and to present my work in bringing aromatherapy into healthcare, especially in my hometown!

I learned so much - still digesting!  This blog post captures a few trends and takeaways I found important enough to share with you.

My Top Three Take-Aways from Conference

1.    Essential Oils in Healthcare Reduces the Use of Medications - It's Expanding Rapidly!

          Aromatherapy reduces the use of some medications for anxiety, nausea, and pain. It also gives patients a simple self-care tool that they can continue to use at home. It definitely improves patient satisfaction scores, it's a Win-Win!
In the future, as more licensed healthcare professionals become educated in clinical aromatherapy, we will see more uses of essential oils in oncology, wound care,...

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