Essential Oils and the Elderly - Is DIY Safe?

Interest in Holistic Care

I love getting the calls from senior communities looking to start an aromatherapy program. I am always energized to hear that healthcare facilities are seeing the value in holistic care and the power of essential oil therapies. But as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, I am also very aware of the risks of using essential oils without proper training, especially with a vulnerable population.

The DIY Approach in Healthcare Environments

I see many "do it yourself" (DIY) attempts. Most are driven by an essential oil lover, and many do have experience with EO's themselves. Some have formal education through a recognized aromatherapy program, while others may have attended a workshop or are led by a direct sales team.

It's important to point out that experience with home use of essential oils vs developing a compliant aromatherapy program to serve vulnerable & aging adults are two very different ends of the healthcare continuum.

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