Using Patches During Cancer Treatment

cancer cancer treatment Jun 09, 2023

This is a frequently asked question and an area of confusion for some seeking answers.  While this newsletter could quickly turn into an in-depth research paper, my aim here is to offer some simple advice for you to make that decision for yourself.

Here are some guidelines to follow!

1. Keep it Simple

Understand that you are not treating cancer, you are relieving symptoms associated with cancer and sometimes the side effects of medications.

2. Inhale or Apply to Skin?

Inhaled essential oils are highly unlikely to create any adverse side effects or interfere with medications as compared to applying them to your skin.

Why? First, because you are in control of the dose. For example, our Patches contain 1.5 drops of the oil blend and release the aroma slowly over 8 hours. Or, if you inhale from a cotton ball, or an aroma stick you only need to mindfully smell the aroma for 2-3 minutes to get results. Most adverse reactions are caused by overuse of topically applied...

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