Aromatherapy for Brain Health

Moment of Inspiration!

In 2017 I attended the Alliance for International Aromatherapists (AIA) conference. One session I really enjoyed was from Dorene Petersen, the Dean of the American College of Healthcare Sciences (Where I obtained my Aromatherapy Certification.)

In her presentation, "Clinical Use of Aromatherapy for Brain Health" she explored clinical uses and research on certain essential oils that show beneficial impacts for neuro-protective support, cognitive enhancement, and the prevention & support of Alzheimer's disease.

Dorene called me out during her presentation, knowing of my work with the aromatherapy patches and senior care, she challenged me to "make a patch" for brain health to support those with Dementia.
Whew!! When your "shero" calls you into action - you better get to it!

Facts from World Health Organization (WHO) about Dementia & Alzheimer's

  1. As of 2017 Dementia is now deemed a public health priority.
  2. Worldwide, there are now nearly 10 million new...
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