Helpful Tips for Stress Reduction

self-care Apr 02, 2020

Hello Everyone,
In these difficult and ever-changing times, we are grateful to be open and able to serve in our own unique way. 

We are ready to support you with your questions and concerns that may arise in these unusual circumstances.

Below you will find self-care tips for helping to cope with the additional stressors during these unprecedented times of change.

Taking a moment thru out the day, to breathe, connect with nature directly or via essential oils inhaled into your respiratory system relaxes your nervous system, and creates stress-reducing hormones. Immediately!

Now, More than Ever, We Need to
Practice Self Care & Stress Reduction

Self-care, protection, and stress management are our new priorities as we navigate our world today. It just so happens, this has been my wheelhouse for a very long time!

Healthcare professionals trust my products to help patients and residents in hospitals and long term care facilities across the U.S.
These products are also safe and effective for home use.

Below I’ve highlighted the top choices I am recommending based on recent questions and concerns.  If you would like guidance in which oils and methods are suited for you,  consider scheduling a Personal Consultation

Guidance from a certified clinical aromatherapist provides expert advice, clear directions, and follow up support.  You will save time, money, and experience improved benefits!

Please note: I am making no claims that these oils are effective for killing or mitigating any viruses or microbes. I am sharing information about which Essential Oils have well documented functional properties available to you. Please research each oil individual profile for detailed information.

Top Oils for Stress Reduction & Self-Care

Single Oils:

Therapeutic Blends:

How Do I Use These Oils?

Helpful Tip:
Our Essential Oil Blends are full strength (neat) for use in diffusers, making your own aromasticks, or natural skincare regimens. Add neat/undiluted blends to carrier oils for topical use.

Our Diluted Blends are diluted to 10% with fractionated coconut oil and are safe and ready to use for topical use.

Our Single Oils are sold at 100% (neat). With a few 10% diluted options on some oils. (These will require dilution for topical use)

Breathing Techniques are key to stress reduction and self-care! The more mindfully you breathe, the more you help oxygenate your cells, create harmony in your nervous system.
Try this body sensing Nidra Meditation with a diffuser running in your room, or practice Alternate Nostril Breathing with an aromatherapy patch on your shirt collar for immediate stress relief. 

Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches are simple to use, single-serve, pre-dosed, and ready to use for a variety of needs. By wearing a patch on your upper chest, either on clothing or skin, you are creating aromatic personal breathing space with essential oil vapors. The best thing is, you don’t have to remember to use it!  Just remember to breathe mindfully, focusing on your intended goal depending on the blend you selected. (We offer 8 blend choices and lavender on patches!)
Shop 5-Packs
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Aromasticks: New!! Our most popular blends are now available in prefilled aromasticks for on the go use! Check them out here!

We offer blank, plastic disposable aroma sticks or metal reusable aromasticks you can fill with any oil you choose. Just add 15 drops of essential oil to the cotton wick, enclose the wick in the tube and snap on the end cap. I recommend you put a label with the type of oil and date made on the label. They last about 3-6 months, depending on the oil used, how often you used it.  Choose your own single oil, or blend!

Diffusers: I recommend a vaporizing diffuser, which uses water to disperse your essential oil of choice. Diffusers come in a variety of types, shapes, colors. Most diffusers will cover about 500 square feet depending on the size and type you buy. Choose your oil based on need, follow instructions of the manufacturer for cleaning and how to use.

View our Diffuser options - take a look here.

Personal Consultations: If you are looking for expert advice, clear directions, and follow up support, please consider scheduling a phone consultation with Jodi. 30 or 60-minute options. You will save time, money and improved outcomes!

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