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self-care Oct 23, 2019

Hello Aroma Friends!

Let's talk about self-care in action.

When I first opened my new studio in 2012, we named it the Well Being + Wisdom Studio.

It had become clear that my clientele wanted to know how to care for themselves on a daily basis. A one-hour session of shiatsu, energy work and essential oil therapies can only do so much. They wanted well-being to be their operating system.

This is why I always sent self-care instructions home with them. I wanted to help them become proactive about their well-being. Rather than reactive, from being totally stressed, neglecting their own needs, and hoping an hour on the table, would sort out their concerns.

To me, wisdom means paying attention to your spirit, and practicing what you know. Wisdom is when your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with your spirit. Additionally, taking note of what is & isn't working.

I've said for so long - "If I practiced just 10% more of the wisdom I know, about wellbeing - oils, our energetic systems, food, movement, breath, grounding...I know so much more could change!" Do you relate?

Another way to say this is from my daughter Maya, a very wise young woman, songwriter, and yoga teacher who says, "don't commit crimes against your wisdom", which is rooted in the Ayurvedic exploration of Prajnaparadha.

What wisdom are you not listening to?

Pain Med Reality:

Clearly, our standard ways of coping with pain, are not working well for the USA. Did you know that $78.5 Billion, is the annual cost and economic burden of prescribed opioids? Or that just in 2017,  72,000 people died from prescribed drug overdoses?

We clearly must make changes. Not just those who prescribe meds, but for us as patients and consumers who think the “pill’ is the easiest solution. This choice often comes with a cost and life-changing side effects.

I think we can all step up and change the pain med reality for our selves and loved ones.

What if...we did something radical???
What if we reconnected with our own inner healer, what if we took our power back, and practice daily self-care. I’m talking the simple stuff, the freebies, the no excuse kind of things we can all do - that doesn't require a prescription, just our permission.

This is basic human care 101. And that message is greatly needed at this time.


Practices Anyone Can Do Right Now:

BREATHE – I know you are breathing anyway, so how about taking 5 conscious, focused breathes? What if you get seriously into it and take 5 whole minutes to quiet your mind, move stuck energy, (aka tension) and relax your nervous system. Ahhh…
What if you thoughtfully selected essential oils to use while you are breathing?  Hint - Bergamot is perfect for this!
Your limbic system will respond according to the intention you set and the therapeutic capabilities of the plant oils you choose!

MOVE – Check in - what needs more movement in your body? Maybe turn on some music - wiggle, jump, tap, stretch, dance, skip, even just stand up and sit down 10 times! Do you have a favorite youtube yoga or dance teacher? Just 10 minutes of movement creates a positive bio-chemical shift, improves circulation, and releases stress.

LAUGH – When is the last time you belly laughed? If you are feeling humor-impaired, search “Laughter Yoga” on YouTube!  Subscribe to “comedy podcasts”! Do you have time to meet up with or call a loved one who brings a smile to your face? Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.

HUMAN CONNECTION – Yep, I’m going to say it, put down the devices and look people in the eye, and connect, talk, laugh, find community. The need for human connection and touch is real. Family neck rub night anyone?

CLEAN FOOD and PURE WATER – You know this!  You probably even know which foods are not your friends. Agree to a replacement, just for a week. Good things might happen.

COMPASSION – Start with being compassionate towards yourself. Be selfishly selfish. Give your self a break and stop “should-ing” on yourself.  

NATURE – connect each day. Get your bare feet on the ground when possible, let sunshine absorb into your eyes and skin - in moderation of course.  The positive ions we collect from electronics is discharged by the earth's negative ions. Nature bathing is legit!

Remember you are your own best health advocate and healer.

There is so much more we could add to the list. The point is, simple is best. Nature is us. We are nature. Natural laws apply to us. Start there.

Learn what makes you feel better each day, be proactive so that when you are in pain, ill, injured, or just stressed out – you have the knowledge and ability to manage some & most of your symptoms - hopefully without a prescription!

If you'd like some support or new tools for your self-care routines, I have a very full toolbox to share. It's what I LOVE to do. I offer consults in person, via zoom, or in the studio. If you are caring for aging family members, reach out!  We can help.

Read here for more info on my personal consulting services
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Be well,
Jodi Baglien

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