Aromatherapy Core Program


A Comprehensive Training Program for Long Term Care Communities


Improve Quality Measures

Meeting the need to provide effective
non-drug options

Smooth Implementation

Expert consulting & a comprehensive program guides you each step of the way

A True Holistic Program

From patient care to staff wellness - a healthy mind, body, & spirit of all involved is our goal

Trust our reputable training programs to help

We practice and teach intelligent, skillful use of essential oils.

We appreciate that improving the overall quality of life for those in your care is the primary goal.

When working with medically fragile and vulnerable people, following clinical guidelines and best practices as you would with any skilled therapy is key for the overall safety of residents and staff. 

The risks of a do it yourself aromatherapy program are evident.

Here's a Clinical Aromatherapist view from years of experience of  a "DIY" approach of using essential oils in Healthcare settings:

  • Staff or residents complain about overwhelming aroma
  • Someone on staff "knows a little about essential oils" and they are directing oil choices, and methodology, without formal education in this skilled therapy
  • Those with higher risk conditions are not assessed properly, staff is unaware of contraindications of the individual oils.
  • A "one oil" fits all approach is used
  • Lavender is used for everything
  • Your outcomes are unknown
  • Aromatherapy goes into the closet when Survey comes

Benefits of our Aromatherapy Core Program

Proven Results
A proven track record of helping communities reduce medications, enhance person-centered care and well-being with aromatherapy.

Easy Implementation
We provide policy templates, clinical guidelines, clear methodology, and expert consulting to start with ease. 

Online Staff Education
Complete with train the trainer program, and support staff snapshot program.

Follow Up Support
Our clients love our customer service. 

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with Jodi Baglien!

  • This is a free call to help you define your needs and how Jodi Baglien's aromatherapy consulting services, training programs, or essential oil products may benefit you & those you care for!
  • We can answer your questions about starting up, how our programs work, and more!
  • Can range from 15 to 30 minutes, option to meet via video chat or by phone.
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About Jodi

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Holistic Practitioner, and Educator with 20 years of experience, Jodi provides a unique mix of science based research, with hands on practical knowledge and experience. She is a recognized thought leader in Aromatherapy dedicated to holistic therapies, honoring the plants, and wholehearted staff education.

A pioneer in advising medical professionals on how to start aromatherapy programs and to effectively use essential oils in patient care, in order to provide non-pharmaceutical options and provide healing environments.

We are honored to assist healthcare professionals who are bringing integrative therapies into healthcare!
Learn more about Jodi

"I can't even imagine not offering aromatherapy
to our residents anymore, we all rely on it!

Marilyn, ABS Home

Aromatherapy Core Program Includes:

Consulting for Easy Implementation:

We guide your team every step of the way with 4 hours of dedicated consulting time. We provide policy templates, lead team planning sessions, printed resources, community educational templates, SDS sheets, Everything you need to ensure long-term success.

Online Staff Training:

24/7 online access to our digital classroom, unlimited use per site.
Two-Tiered Training: 

  1. Comprehensive "Train the Trainer" level for lead staff.
  2. "Support Staff Snapshot" version for support staff.

Independent online learning complete with quizzes to show competency, and receive a certificate of completion. 
Printable quick reference guides, SDS sheets for products, and much more. 

Ongoing Support:

From helping you with your first product orders, to guiding you thru new challenges, we stick with you to make sure your program is sustainable and effective.

 10% Product Discount - for your site and your staff of our professional quality
 Quella Essential Oil products.  

Results our Clients are Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Wonderful! First step is a free discovery call to get a pricing quote for your organization, set up account information or answer any remaining questions.

Schedule a Discovery call

Your lead team meets online with Jodi, usually in one hour increments or as needed for project overview, review policy, help with process and procedures decisions, and prepare everyone for the aromatherapy training phase. Your 4 consulting hours can be spread out over time, as desired.

We prefer using Zoom so we can share screens to go over materials and have a more personalized experience. I want to get to know your team!
Conference calls, or your companies choice for online video conferencing works as well.  Simple as that. 

We are proud to offer our new state-of-the-art online learning platform. We've put an incredible amount of attention to detail into creating the program in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

You will have online, on-demand access, unlimited use, for  the entire 8+ hour training program .

All lessons are recorded with audio, we include practical videos on care planning, and interactive learning exercises you can select as needed that will prepare your staff to deliver essential oils with confidence.

With unlimited access to the online training you can train new staff members as they come onboard.

If you are interested in live on-site training from Jodi, please inquire for additional details and fees.

Our training is designed for teams from Nursing, Hospice, Therapeutic Rec, Activities, Mental Health, and Memory Care.
The Core Program is delivered in two levels of training. A comprehensive lead team program that prepares the lea team with all the information needed to set up the program and a deep understanding of the art and science of aromatherapy.

Included in the Core Program  is the "Support Staff Snapshot".  Once your program is implemented this 2 hour training, covers the "need to know" only info for anyone involved in delivering and maintaining your program. 

We are confident that both programs provide your team the information and skills they need to ensure that your facility reaps the maximum benefits.

We use our own line of professionally curated, and formulated essential oil products. Learn more at Quella.Store

Our product line is derived from 20 years as a certified aromatherapist and a hands on practitioner, working directly with prestigious healthcare communities that require ready to use products, properly labeled and easy to use.

I have built long-term relationships with suppliers who source essential oils for therapeutic, clinical aromatherapy needs.

The GC/MS reports are available for you upon request.

I only select essential oils that are chemically, aromatically and energetically aligned with my work. 

Should you wish to use your own products, we can work with that as long as the source and quality of the oils are identifiable. Please ask for more information if you choose to source your own oils.

Our blends are formulated by me, and time tested for excellent results.

Phone Number: 612-802-9483

Email: [email protected]

Jodi Baglien Aromatherapy

221 1st Ave NE
Osseo, MN 55369

Aromatherapy Training Programs & Consulting Services: JODIBAGLIEN.ONLINE
Essential Oil Products and Aromatherapy Patches: QUELLA.STORE


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