Spring's in the Air, Aromatically Speaking!

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

Here in Minnesota, we are HUNGRY for spring!  The huge dirty snowbanks have melted, I see fresh tall & healthy green chives in the garden, and I listen with joy as the spring peepers are loudly informing us - Spring has Sprung!

We KNOW we feel better when we feel the sunshine on our face, look out at beautiful rolling hills or oceans around us, smell the air and aromas, and hear wildlife bustling.

What about those who can’t?

I learned early as an aromatherapist that a meaningful and valuable way for me to help others was in the power of connecting people to nature.
People who may not have access to the great outdoors & healing properties due to illness, physical limitations, or other restrictions.
With the extracted essences of plant oils, I as an Aromatherapist can feed and nurture the hungry souls of those with limited access to nature. This is my motivation in my work!

Smell Communicates With Subtle Messages

I had not thought much about the impact of our sense of smell, the olfactory system, on our overall health until I started my certification in clinical and holistic aromatherapy. Smell communicates with us in a wide array of subtle messages, we often don’t even think about.

Our sense of smell alerts us to danger, like notifying us when food has gone bad, or something is burning. Happy smells like a lovely dinner cooking, the comforting smell of a loved one, or fresh cut grass demonstrates how our moods are influenced and stress is reduced through our sense of smell.

I say:
"Simply pausing to smell essential oils, take a deep breath, slow thoughts, even crack a smile - is enough"

Really, take a moment here – even just IMAGINING a favorite smell initiates a change in your nervous system!  We need more of this our days!

One of my favorite topics to teach caregivers in my Aromatherapy Training Programs, especially in long term care communities, is to expand their awareness of how simple, and meaningful aromas can be to others struggling with pain, anxiety, or depression.  

I finish this post, with some tips for both personal users and for the caregivers.

  1. Change it up!!! We adapt over time to the same oils used over and over.
    Seriously, there is more to aromatherapy than Lavender and Mandarin! Try blending your citrus oils together and create your own favorite combinations. Or, try my Refresh Blend. I combine a dash of lemongrass and peppermint to the organic citrus oils for a new brightness and depth.
  2. Spring is a time of change, renewal, and a time for cleaning, since most will agree that Lemon is the “smell of clean”, clean with it! A few drops into the bucket when mopping the floor. Clean the bathroom, then fill the sink with hot water, 5 drops of lemon, or eucalyptus – or both, then close the door and come back in while to a fresh smelling bathroom!
  3. For those who can not get outside, bring nature to them. Get out the cotton balls and bring out a smelling tray. Culinary herbs like Rosemary or Thyme, Fresh mints like Peppermint or Spearmint. Flowers like Rose or Jasmine can evoke wonderful memories of past gardens and vacations.

I want to close with a few final thoughts for you.

It takes very little time to brighten someone’s day with aromatherapy. The reward is noticed in subtle shifts in behavior, in the direction towards balance.

A little goes a long way. What I mean is, you need very little essential oil to make a difference. If you are walking into the room and the aroma smacks you in the face – you are using too much!

Consider the season when selecting essential oils. Spring calls for mints and citrus!

I urge you to take an aromatic walk and find some new aroma's blooming around you!


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