How to Fill an Aroma Stick!

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

How to Fill a Metal Aroma Stick

Reminders and Tips: Wash hands before and after handling essential oils. Write down the type of oil you used and when you made it somewhere. Use a ceramic or glass container to hold the oil as you're filling.  Stick will last 4-6 weeks or until the aroma fades naturally as molecules dissipate. Wash vial if you're using a new scent. Use a cotton ball for future refill!

1) Ensure that you have all parts of the metal aroma stick: Cotton wick, glass vial, gold top, and blue exterior (top and bottom)
2) Use a tweezer to hold the wick. Dip one end of the wick into the oil and allow it to absorb oil (up to 15 drops of essential oil)
3) Then place saturated wick into glass vial.
4) Screw the gold top onto the glass vial until tight.
5) Insert the glass jar into the metal (logo side) aroma stick. Rember to re-cap the blue top when not in use, so your oils last longer!




How to Fill a Plastic Aroma Stick

Reminders and Tips: Wash hands before and after handling essential oils. Label the stick with name of oil, date made, or write it down somewhere. Stick will last 3-6 months or until the aroma fades. Relax, and breathe with intention!

1) Dip up to 15 drops of undiluted essential oil into a clean container. Dip one end of the wick into the oil, hold until wick is saturated. 
2) Insert the saturated end of the wick into the opening of the inner tube. Insert the inner tube into the outer tube, twist to close.
3) With the inner and outer tube connected, press cap firmly onto open end until you hear a 'snap' sound. The cap should sit flush to the base. 
4) Unscrew the cap to use, and enjoy! 

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