'Tis the Season of Giving!

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2023

Storytime: Quella Essential Oils Goes to Kenya

The Season of Giving is upon us, and the hope and joy this time of year promises fills us all with expectation—the expectation of time with loved ones, gifts, and even special foods. I want to share a story with you in the spirit of giving.  It is a tale of a faraway land, aromatics, and healing.

Once upon a time, a student, Barbara, quickly became good friends with her teacher. She shared some incredible stories with her teacher after returning from a mission trip to a wellness clinic in Kenya.  She went there to help her good friend at her natural wellness clinic.  Her friend helps the people in her village with all kinds of physical and emotional issues. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Chapter 1: Barbara

Some years ago, Barbara took a class to learn about essential oils, and this is where her friendship with her teacher began.  Barbara is a nurse.  She wanted to know more about essential oils and how to incorporate them into her life and practice.  She is also an active member of her church, Pathways Fellowship, in Osseo, Minnesota.  Barbara gives her time, money, love, and intention as she travels to Kenya to work at a natural medicine clinic operated by her dear friend, Pauline. 

Pauline, was born and raised in Kenya.  She moved to Minnesota, married, and became a nurse.  After serving in the medical field for over 20 years, she began to see the benefits of natural remedies. During the Pandemic, she felt called to care for the people in her home country.  She knew that many people were dying from preventable diseases like High Blood Pressure, type 2 diabetes, stress, alcoholism, and more.  As an educator and nurse, she knew that she could help the people in Kenya and prepared to return home.

In 2021, Pauline and her brother built a house and wellness clinic in Kenya, where she now lives full-time, supporting this community with herbal remedies and essential oils. Essential oils are hard to come by in Kenya, so Barbara regularly purchases them to send to Pauline and sometimes delivers them by hand when she travels there.

Chapter 2: Giving

On a visit to the Quella store, where Barbara was purchasing supplies, she shared with her teacher that she was heading back to Kenya to help Pauline again.  Her teacher knew her heart for service.  She understood that mission work is a selfless endeavor.  To help Barbara and Pauline, her teacher asked what kind of illness and concerns they would likely be treating while on their Mission. Then based on that information she made a package of essential oils and supplies to help them.

When Barbara returned from her mission trip, she had incredible stories to share! 

Chapter 3: Because of Giving

A young lady who had suffered from heart palpitations had visited the wellness clinic many times in the past.  She came to the clinic again and shared that “I thought I was going to die and my babies would have no mama.  Pauline gave me my life back.”  

Another lady came with a chronic cough.  While sitting and connecting with her, she inhaled marjoram (O. majorana) essential oil, and her cough subsided. 

There was a woman who was given a dire diagnosis by her doctor in the US.  She wanted to return to her home in Kenya for her final days.  Her church raised the money to send her home.  She flew to Africa and went to the wellness clinic.  Eight months later, she is still thriving in her African home. 

A man had severe anxiety.  His anxiety had him agitated and unable to sit for any length of time.  Barbara offered him the Quella Calming patch and applied it to his shirt collar.  He pulled his shirt up to his nose and sat breathing it in.  He said “This is really something. I can feel my head  slowing down.”

 Inevitably, people return to the clinic repeatedly becuse the remedies that Pauline gives them work.

 Barbara shared that Pauline needs essential oils and other supplies throughout the   year to continue her mission of helping her community thrive. 


Chapter 4: Pathways Fellowship’s Giving

Barbara told the lead Elder at her church that he needed to come and see firsthand the work being done through the generous donations of people who the Kenya Wellness Clinic inspires.  He and his wife went to Kenya.  At the end of their visit, there was a testimonial service where one person after another told their stories.  They shared again and again about being on death’s doorstep and recovering and thriving because of the work Pauline is doing with natural remedies.

Pauline never takes credit for the work that is being done, She says “It’s not the herbs or the essential oils, but God who is doing a healing work in the people.” 

Chapter 5: You Can Give, Too!

The values at Quella and our educational platform of Jodi Baglien Aromatherapy is to empower nurses and their patients toward greater humanity and dignity.  I am humbled when I think about how many nurses and practitioners, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and the many ways take have their knowledge and skills in aromatherapy to help other communities who need support & care.

This is not the end of the story as the work continues in Kenya and Barbara continues to travel there and support Pauline as she continues to give to her community.

If Barbara’s story has moved you, you can support Pauline’s mission by making a tax-free donation to Pathways Fellowship earmarked to the “African Mission.” 

Pathways Fellowship SDA Church
16 2nd Ave SE, Osseo, MN 55369

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