Aromatherapy Patch Training

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a welcome email with clear step-by-step instructions for scheduling your consultation and how to access the online learning system. 

During our consultation time, we will help you determine the right patches to meet your goal and help you with your first order.

Your site will be given a unique user link. Each person will create their own username and password to access the training. You have unlimited use of the online materials for any staff member employed by your facility. 

The total training time is one hour, delivered in three, 20-minute sections. We cover all 9 patch types in the training - sites using only a few types of patches, will need less time.

None other than resupplying the patches and or sample bottles for smell testing.

Patch pricing is available on our website and is based on quantity ordered.

You may find you need additional aromatherapy training or consulting for uses with special populations like hospice, mental health, oncology, memory care, or birth centers.
Consultations can be scheduled with Jodi from our website

I have built long-term relationships with suppliers who source essential oils for therapeutic, clinical aromatherapy needs.

The GC/MS reports are available for you upon request.

I only select essential oils that are chemically, aromatically and energetically aligned with my work. 

Our blends are formulated by me, and time tested for excellent results.

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Connect with Jodi via email or phone: 612-802-9483 or [email protected]


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